HomeAnswering questions that you have about the safety of your residence can be a tough job to handle alone, but you can turn to a home inspector for advice. The technicians at DSC Inspections, LLC have the resources to complete your testing work in a prompt fashion. We provide personalized services, and our reporting efforts are very reliable.

Our customers trust us because we maintain a high standard of quality in handling their testing work. Local families seek our assistance because:

  • We’re fully independent in order to better represent their interests. 
  • Our staff delivers a 24-hour turnaround on each report. 

The DSC Inspections, LLC team is quick to respond when you have a concern that ought to be addressed. We have the experience necessary to make short work of any testing job. Our technicians can assist you in conducting a thorough building inspection, and we’re also available to handle pool inspection projects. Call our friendly office staff today to set up a consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable home inspector.


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