ABOUT1Dan Corona is a graduate of ITA (Inspection Training Associates) and earned certifications in inspecting Residential and Manufactured homes from ITA in 2005.

Shortly after he received his ITA home inspections certifications he joined CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) and has earned several inspection certifications from CREIA over the years.

One CREIA membership requirement is to complete a minimum of 30 educational units per years on up to date inspection methods and technologies.

To satisfy the continuing education requirements of CREIA, he attendances CREIA’s monthly educational meetings as well as regional conferences and seminars as required.
Dan has inspected hundreds of homes. The types of homes he has inspected are stick built, manufactured, condominiums, townhouses and Multi-Family homes. Dan has inspected homes from the early 1900s to new construction. Dan also inspects outside pools and spas.

Dan started DSC Inspections, LLC in January 2006.

Dan also earned a Bachelor's degree from St. Mary's College and worked as a product Engineer in Silicon Valley for over thirty years.


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